5 Fitness Photoshoot Workouts To Focus On Weeks Before Your Shoot

5 Fitness Photoshoot Workouts To Focus On Weeks Before Your Shoot

There are few key things to do before your next fitness magazine cover shoot, and the most important item on your list should be to have your body looking its absolute best with effective fitness photoshoot workouts. You need to eat right, then, you need the best photoshoot workouts that target all areas of your body that the fitness photographer is going to want to see. Start early. Get ready for a photoshoot by planning to begin a fitness photo shoot workout regime 12 weeks before your shoot for best results, and be sure to implement the exercises.

Here are some tips, tricks, and target zones to get your body looking like a fitness model for your upcoming photoshoot.

Workout 1: Full Body Strength Training

We’re driven to improve certain areas of our body: abs, butt, biceps, back, and all those “highly visible” areas that are key to a sexy fitness photoshoot. But the truth is, when we flip through a magazine we’re rarely attracted to an unbalanced physique. Sure, it’s nice to see a particularly good set of buns, or beautiful pectoral definition, but you need to remember that the viewer is going to look at you, and expect the whole package.
So, to satisfy their desire and sell more stock in the process, your fitness photoshoot workouts need to include strength training that will build muscle, bulk, and burn ridiculous calories – over your entire body.

Workout 2: HIIT

If you’ve already built a foundation for your body, then High-Intensity-Interval Training, or HIIT, is a great photoshoot workout to get the most bang for your buck. The more muscle you have, the more your body needs to work to feed them, so you’ll burn more calories as you get ready for your photoshoot. And that’s what HIIT training does best.

The following exercises will help to target areas all over the body:

  • Mountain climbers
  • Jumping jacks
  • Jump rope
  • Sprints
  • Jump lunges
  • Jump squats
  • Jumping Chin-ups.

Try practicing a rest-pause on each set, then, on the last set, go right until your muscles fail. Rest for 20-30 seconds in-between.

Workout 3: Bodyweight Resistance Training

To tone up your muscles and reduce the amount of extra flab, bodyweight resistance training will be one of your best fitness photoshoot workouts to use. Bodyweight exercises use the weight of your body as muscular resistance, with some common exercises being the push-up (standard, decline, incline), chin-ups, air-squats, handstand push-ups, and even yoga.

Bodyweight resistance training differs from strength training, as the aim is to tone your muscles rather than build bulk and size. A bodyweight resistance workout will require a high number of repetitions, and the aim is to push yourself to fatigue – until you can no longer perform the exercise while maintaining correct form and posture. An advantage of this style of workout is that there is less tendency to get injured, since the only forces you’re applying is your own bodyweight. And that’s something you have total control over.

Workout 4: The Power Workout

Power training is different from strength training, in that it works to maintain or restore strength to your muscles. A good power workout increases strength, balance, and agility. Power moves are strength-training exercises performed at a quicker pace – ideal for sculpting sexy, toned muscles for your next fitness magazine cover shoot.

To spice things up, try plyometrics. Plyometric exercises are a great form of power workout you can try, and include squat jumps, box jumps, split jumping lunges, knee-tucks, overhead throws, slams, and the dreaded plyometric push-up. Warning: don’t attempt more than 2-3 plyometric sessions a week, as plyometric power workouts are hard on your muscles.

Workout 5: Cardio

You’ve heard it a thousand times I’m sure, but adding steady cardio to your workouts – like walking uphill, swimming laps, or biking – will effectively burn those pesky calories away, and kick start your metabolism into top gear. Remember, the success of your fitness photoshoot comes down to the dedication you have in presenting your best body, so don’t get too picky when it comes to workouts. Cardio is a necessary component, so pick something you enjoy, and get on with the show!

Work Your Body With These Fitness Photoshoot Workouts!

The success of your next cover shoot is determined by the success of your fitness photoshoot workouts. Both require determination and consistency, and a dedication to a healthy eating and workout regime that supports muscle growth and fat burning. For the best, fast-acting results, include a balanced mix of strength and cardio into your photoshoot preparation workouts, and alternative-resistance exercises like plyometrics. Your fans will thank you for it.

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