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Get Published From Your Next Photo Shoot

If you’re tired of living under the canopy of clouds surrounding your fitness model career, and are unable to get published in a fitness magazine, no matter how hard you try, then maybe it’s time to debunk the mystery.

Jason Ellis, widely known as the world’s #1 fitness photographer, is also an expert on the psychology and strategic planning that’s required to have your photo shoot results get published on the cover of some of the most widely-known fitness magazines in the country. With over 20 years experience in both the male and female fitness photography industry, you can rest assured that Jason, the “King of Covers”, has what it takes to make you a star cover model.

Get Published

Unravelling the Fitness Model Mystery to Get Published

If you’re like many other fitness models and fitness photography talent, it’s likely your dream to get published on the cover of your favorite fitness magazine, and to grow a lasting fitness photography career beyond that. But do you feel overwhelmed or frustrated because you don’t know where to start?

Or perhaps you’ve sent out a few pitches to fitness magazines and haven’t heard back?

Don’t assume you haven’t got what it takes. It’s more likely that the strategy you’ve used to feature on a magazine cover in the past, just isn’t right for your prospective client, or even for your unique look.

There are a number of techniques to orchestrate the creation of your unique brand as a fitness model, build a bustling client base, and pitch yourself to magazines – that has achieved consistent results for many fitness model clients.

Is it time to give your career the look it deserves?

An Eye for Detail Will Get You Published

Getting published in a fitness magazine is a big deal, and can provide the “career break” you’ve been dreaming of.

You don’t need to dream any more.

And if, as an aspiring fitness model, you believe that you have a comparable physique to the models you see in your favourite fitness magazine, then it’s time to prove it.

Complete a photo shoot with a good fitness photographer, and see how you can use the fitness photography poses that industry greats have been using for decades to get world-class fitness photography results. Using a mixture of your beautifully sculpted physique, and the photographers expert knowledge of fitness model photography techniques, you can achieve stunning photos that you can add to your portfolio, and use in your applications to big-shot magazines to get published on their cover.

Beware Selfies and Ameture Photographers

When it comes to your fitness photo shoot, you really don’t want to take photos by yourself. Put the selfie stick
away, and consider using a professional fitness photographer to get featured in a fitness magazine.

Top fitness model agencies and potential clients spend all day, every day looking at portfolios, and are able to spot amateure photography from a mile away. It’s not worth wasting your time and energy only to be rejected due to a poor quality shoot.

Once you’ve got some great looking shots from your fitness photo shoot, then it’s time to hit the campaign trail and contact the magazines which you’d like to feature on.

You Need the Best Fitness Photographer

As a fitness model, you have to evaluate your goals and ask yourself the important question: “Why do I want to get published?”

Obviously, most people want to make fitness photography modelling a career, so money naturally comes into the equation. So if it’s about the money, then do you want to make small amounts of money from beginner photographers paying you to do a fitness photo shoot, or would you rather work towards a bigger vision of success, and shoot with the best fitness photographer instead?

Small time players in the fitness photography industry don’t have the connections, knowledge, and the network of other professionals that can give you the inside-edge to get published in the major fitness magazines. To really make a name for yourself, you need the best fitness photographer on your team. Doing so will increase your chance of getting sponsors, contracts, and/or endorsements.

Reasons why it’s worth seeking advice from the best fitness photographers you can find are:

  • You have the ability to pick which images are retouched
  • You can get both high resolution and web-sized images. High resolution images are necessary for publication to fitness magazines
  • You have the ability to choose the looks/outfits/locations that you want, and feel best. You can also take the advice of the photographer, who you can trust to have had enough experience to know what could work for you.
  • You get the freedom to submit your photo shoot images to publications yourself, and can have greater control over the process to get published.

Schedule a free consultation today, and see how your fitness modelling career can reach the next level with a fitness model photoshoot tailored specifically to your look.