Get Ready for a Photoshoot

Get Ready for a Photoshoot, Fast!

To get ready for a photoshoot in the fitness modelling industry can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t need to be. With over 20 years experience in fitness photography, shooting a range of aspiring and professional fitness models just like you, Jason Ellis, the “King of Covers”, can take your career to new heights with his expert knowledge in all things fitness photography.

Get Ready for a Photoshoot

How to Prepare for a Fitness Photoshoot

It may seem novel, but your ability to get ready for a photoshoot is often the difference between closing your next fitness magazine cover shoot, and having to hit the marketing trail again in search of a new cover opportunity.

Fitness photoshoot preparation requires, above all, a commitment to getting your body in photoshoot ready condition. If you’re going to become a successful male fitness photography model, or a female fitness photography model, then ensure you get mind-blowing results from your fitness or bodybuilding photoshoot with the following top tips.

Be Well-Groomed, Without Body Hair

As an aspiring fitness photography model, you’ll have noticed that almost all fitness models are completely lacking in body hair. And there’s also no sexism – both male and female fitness models look better hairless for a fitness model photoshoot! There’s a good reason for this. Having too much (or any, in some cases) body hair, can hide muscle definition, and potentially make you look dirty and put people off.

Having well-groomed body hair is especially important for male fitness photography. Guys need to make sure any facial hair is neat and presentable, and consider going for a clean-shaved look which will make you more approachable. Also make sure to trim other unsightly facial hair including nose hair, eyebrows and ear hair, if you have any. These are off putting, and can be difficult to edit out by the fitness photographer after your fitness photo shoot.

Consider Getting a Tan

If you’re serious about getting ready for a fitness photoshoot, then consider getting a full-body tan to really give your body that magazine cover look! A quality tan makes you look radiant and healthy, with the bonus of adding clarity and definition to your muscles.

Get a Haircut

It’s important that both male and female fitness photography models get ready for a photoshoot with a haircut, or a trim at the very least.
If you’re a guy, shorter hair will make you look bigger and more muscular. Ensure you have a neat hairline and definitely no neck hair. Use a good wax or styling gel to hold it in position.

Girls, how you have your hair for your fitness photoshoot will determine whether you look glamorous and sporty, or not, and could be what makes or breaks your next fitness magazine cover shoot. You may not need a full haircut, but be sure to have a trim & style. A good place for inspiration is to check out current fitness models on top fitness magazine covers.

Keep a Good Skincare Regimen

As a fitness photography model, you need to keep up a healthy skincare regimen to make sure your skin is looking its very best for your fitness photoshoot. Male and female fitness models are equally at risk of developing last-minute spots, which can be a nightmare for both you, and the fitness photographer you choose.

The best thing to do to get ready for a for a photoshoot, is to avoid getting too sweaty in the few days leading up to the photoshoot, and try to stay as stress free as possible. Of course, you want to keep your skin clean as well.

Clean Teeth for a Dazzling Smile

Look at a photo of somebody and what do you notice first? Chances are, it’s their teeth. So, it may seem obvious, but make sure you do your teeth before your fitness photoshoot so that they are clean, especially if you have eaten beforehand. Pack dental floss too, so you can remove any food that could be stuck in your teeth which can be a pain to edit out afterwards.

The Fitness Photo Shoot Diet

The fitness photoshoot diet is the most important aspect of getting ready for a photoshoot, and it’s something that needs far more attention than a “quick tips” section can give you. The fact is, you are what you eat, so a fitness model photoshoot diet should be high on your list of fitness photography skills to master.

If you’ve been cutting your calorie intake prior to your upcoming fitness model photoshoot, get ready for a photoshoot by ramping up your calories again, back towards a maintenance level in the weeks prior. Do not make any huge changes to your diet, as your body may end up being shocked by any sudden changes in your calorie intake, and have you suddenly increase in weight or trigger breakouts on your skin.

If you’re going in for a bodybuilding photo shoot, then consider the “carb loading” technique which can be used to make sure you look bigger and more muscular in front of the camera. To do this, you can either perform front loading (eating a large amount of carbohydrates at the beginning of the week and reducing this in the days up to the shoot) or back loading (slowly increasing your carb intake daily in the week before the shoot). Both can be used with great results for male or female bodybuilding photoshoot models.

“Pumping Up” for a Bodybuilding Photo Shoot

Especially relevant for a bodybuilding photoshoot, but also good advice for male and female fitness photography models, the act of “pumping up” should form part of your process to get ready for a photoshoot. It might seem contrived, but getting a good pump in your muscles before and during the shoot can transform your body from looking small and soft to muscular and defined.

Try doing some bodyweight exercises to target key muscle groups like the chest, abdominals, biceps, triceps, and glutes. Having a small 5kg (10lb) pair of dumbbells as part of your fitness photoshoot gear bag is a great way to ensure you can work all muscle groups.