Questions To Ask a Photographer Before Your Shoot

Questions To Ask a Photographer Before Your Shoot

If you’re looking to build a career in the fitness model industry, then to get to that stage there are many questions to ask a photographer that can accelerate your ability to land a magazine cover.

A professional fitness photographer has the ability to provide your portfolio with well-taken pictures to get photoshoot ready, and they can also make a world of difference in the success and failure of your career. This is why, when choosing a fitness photographer, you need to ask quality questions so you can gather all the relevant information to make your choice of fitness photographer the right one for you. So ensure you consider these questions to ask a photographer when deciding on the best photographer for your fitness or bodybuilding model photoshoot.

Questions to Ask a Photographer: Do You Have References?

Look into the background and other details of the fitness photographer you’re considering, and ask for a portfolio of past fitness photoshoots and clients. Study their website if they have one, and talk to people they’ve worked with before. If you’ve contacted a professional agency, be sure to get the credentials of the actual person who is going to photograph you or your event. Remember, that it’s common for photographers to be general in their background, so be sure that one of your questions to ask a photographer is a check to see if their references they present reflect a specialization in fitness photography.

Do You Have Any Theme Suggestions?

Professional fitness photographers are a wealth of fitness industry knowledge when it comes to creative inspiration. Working with a theme or a specific concept is a great idea, and a question to ask your photographer could be to present some ideas that can work best to project your look in the best light possible. The theme you choose could also be the deciding factor in the venue you choose for the fitness photo shoot. You could shoot indoors or outdoors, in a familiar setting like near a landmark, or in a studio where the lighting is controlled. Of course, if you’re organizing an event, you’ll have a planner who’ll work out the theme for you.

What’s The Cost?

Make sure the next question to ask your photographer is to have a very precise estimate of what the fitness photoshoot is going to cost you. Aside from the fee of the photographer, ask about equipment rentals, conveyance charges, and the expense of hiring assistants. In addition, ask if secondary photographers may be required for the photoshoot.

Can You Handle Printing?

As a part of the cost estimate, make sure you ask about photo printing for your portfolio, so you can get an idea of the number of images the fitness model photographer delivers and the timeline in which they’ll deliver them. Depending on the purpose for which you’re ordering pictures, work with the artist on the kind of finishes that can complement you, your product, or the event in question. You can opt for blurry images or high contrast pictures in which the colors pop. You could also look for matte finishes that give pictures a classic look or the completely natural, as they are images.

Do You Photoshop Images?

Another important question to ask a photographer is if they can tweak the pictures to make them more appealing using an editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. This added service could cost you a little extra because it is time-consuming and sometimes, tedious. However, the outcome is well worth it.

What Are Your Terms & Conditions?

The final, and most important question for a fitness photographer, is to ask for clarity around your contract, and check that it covers each and every aspect of the service you’re ordering. Be very clear about ownership of the images and make sure that the agreement defines your rights clearly. If you feel some terms are not clear, ask the necessary questions. Get the copies signed by all the people involved in the shoot. If you have any non-disclosure concerns, add them in.

Ask, and You Shall Receive

Your next big shoot could be the launch of an exciting new fitness modelling career, so choosing the right questions to ask a photographer is an important step for you to make. Use the information here before your next fitness cover photoshoot, and be sure you get full disclosure of what you’re signing up for. That way, your first photo shoot will be a memorable one for all the right reasons!

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