The Top 10 Fitness Hashtags For Instagram

The Top 10 Fitness Hashtags For Instagram

As an aspiring fitness photography model aiming to be noticed in the next edition of a big fitness magazine cover, your secret weapon to get photoshoot ready is to have knowledge of the top fitness hashtags for Instagram. Let’s face it, the technology boom has given birth to an abundance of social media and apps for sharing your fitness photography content for free, but none are as popular as Instagram. With over 400 million users posting more than 80 million photos every day, Instagram remains a favorite for sharing photos and captions for fitness models, bodybuilding models, and any other model for that fact!

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, everyone calls the pound key a “hashtag”, and this little character has changed the world of fitness photography in a big way. Popular Instagram fitness hashtags are how you can get potential modelling agencies and talent seekers to find your work, and you can use it to build a brand for your fitness modelling career, all for free.

So to get you featured on the next magazine cover of your favourite publication, here are 10 of the most popular fitness hashtags for Instagram. It’s your time to shamelessly post pictures of your #progress, send #motivation, and let the world know you’re serious about landing a fitness magazine cover!

So, from the top-down, here some of the most popular Instagram fitness hashtags out there in 2016…

10. #Fitspo: 25+ Million Posts

The idea is to inspire women to be fit and sporty instead of skinny and boney. The new promotion is for women to seek to be toned, muscled and not just objects.

9. #Eatclean: 25+ Million Posts

Exactly what it says: promote healthy and nutritious food over fast foods and fattening meals.

8. #Health: 32+ Million Posts

Usually a combination of food and gym photos. Health hashtags are perfect for finding photos and advice for living a healthy life.

7. #Fitfam: 33+ Million Posts

For those that have joined the gym, or a sport, this hashtag refers to being part of the fitness family.

6. #Fit: 46+ Million Posts

Pretty obvious. But more general hashtags are good for when you give an update about your fitness progress.

5. #Workout: 46+ Million Posts

Just in case people were confused about what you’re doing.

4. #Motivation: 52+ Million Posts

Let all your friends know what you’re striving for, or what you want to look like one day. Instagram is definitely now a place for motivation and quotes for motivating you to encouragement from fellow exercisers.

3. #Gym: 55+ Million Posts

In case we weren’t sure. But sometimes this is used for showing different exercises that can only be done in the gym. Also, #weights, #workout and #lift are used in sequence to this hashtag.

2. #Healthy: 59+ Million Posts

A good goal to strive for: this makes the number two spot on our list. It makes sense: healthy isn’t only working out, but it’s practicing yoga, or living a clean life.

The #1. Fitness Hashtag for Instagram is #Fitness: 103+ Million Posts

There’s no surprise that #fitness is one of the all time top fitness hashtags for Instagram. What we’re all striving for now is encompassed in this simple Instagram hashtag. It’s a good way to find the fitfam, and to evoke motivation to those who you are following or following you.

Hashtags Specifically for Fitness Models

These top 10 fitness hashtags for Instagram are a great way to express your passion for fitness modelling, and to catch the eye of a professional fitness photographer, modelling agency, or even a top fitness magazine. Using specific hashtags for your Instagram posts could be the difference between making your talent known to a wider audience, and becoming lost in the noise of social media. If you’re looking to land a fitness magazine cover, then give yourself the edge by using these popular hashtags on your Instagram posts.

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